Patxi and his airplane

This year, the english group of administration and finance had a project to improve our internal comunication. With this project we could learn how to work as a team, it consisted in make a paper plane to an egg and make it fly without breaking it.
Here, in the video you can see the process of our work.

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There are some companies that even nowadays don’t believe that community manager’s work have benefits. They refuse to have profiles of their company on social media, but it’s an advantage to have a person in charge of this.
A community manager makes the company image better, and the company closer to the clients.
Also is a good way to show your products or news to the world, or to help the customers about their issues.
Even they can make new relations with other companies which is very helpful.
The community manager has to be serious but with some sense of humor, he could make puns or jokes in the social media, but always have to have education with the people they talk to.

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Rajoy ends his last term with more than 5 million unemployed people and 18 million employed people, still far from the previous levels we had before the crisis, when it exceeded 20 million. They emphasize that 545.000 job positions were created just in the last year and that there are 576.000 less unemployed people, all thanks to the Labour Reform aproved in 2012. But quite a majority thinks the opposite.

“The employment created in the last year has a worse quality as a result of the reform: 67% is temporary and more than half of the employment created in the private sector is located in low-added-activities (agriculture, construction, trade and hotel industry)”, explains Ramón Górriz, secretary of Acción Sindical of CCOO.

“The Labour Reform was used to create temporary employment at the cost of destroying indefinite and full time job positions” said Sara García de las Heras, secretary of Acción Sindical e Igualdad of USO.

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First step into the future

Last Wednesday we hosted our first PBL. Everyone of us worked hard to do our best but, we realized that is not that important how much you know if you have not experience. The nervous let us down, the words didn’t want to go out of our mouths, also the information we have given was not the best. On this way, it looks like it was a disaster. But it was not so bad because we learnt many things, we learnt that the way is not always easy but correcting your mistakes you can reach the top. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Never say die.

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The functional areas of the company are various major activities, as the arise for them and try to achieve the objectives and goals. In a company there are basic areas: Direction, administration, market, sales, production, accounting and finance; but there are more areas: investigation, human resources,… The number of functional areas in small business are simplified and integrated to each other: Direction area (essential area, considered the head of the company); Administration area (related with the operation of the company); Sales area (outward orientation); Production Area; Accounting and finance area (regulatory enviroment for all business, as required with an accounting record.

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A company wich it has not a good administration, is very difficult to do well.Because of this, we have to take into account the administration of our company if we want to get benefits.Into this we have several things like:payments, shoppings, sales and our staff. All of this should be well track by the administration, and if is not like that our company will be have some difficulties.

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There are a lot of new faces this year and we want to make this year the best.We will learn a lot about administration and finance so that we will be able to use it in your field of expertise or in our continued studies.So,this will be a very useful year,we mustn`t waste time.This is just our first blog, you will be receving more news from us.

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The school year comes to the end. We have done many activities in the different subjects, such as, the International Market Abroad in Communication and Customer Service, in Accountancy now we are working on Contaplus and Facturaplus, and in the Management of Human Resources we are with Nominaplus. In English we did a project “How to start your own business”. In Computing, we made a free presentation with Power Point and in the other subject about Human Resources we designed our own human resources department.”

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Nos ha visitado Laura Ruiz de la delegación de Economistas sin Fronteras en Euskadi. Esta organización no gubernamental de desarrollo fue fundada en 1997 en el ámbito universitario y actualmente integra a todo tipo de personas interesadas en construir una economía justa, solidaria y sostenible en el marco de una orientación prioritaria en la erradicación de la pobreza y las desigualdades.
Alumnado de los ciclos de Administración y finanzas y Gestión administrativa pudieron conocer de cerca la labor de esta ONG, entender mejor el concepto de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa y cómo contribuir desde nuestro ámbito personal al impulso de comportamientos éticos y socialmente responsables.

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In the last PBL, students of Communication and Customer Services, in our first course of Administration and Finance, worked on the external communication of our simulated company, Decora SL. First, we analyzed companies that are direct competition to Decora: Carlin, Viking and Ofiprix. We observed their websites and profiles on various social networks, then we made ​​a proposal for a web page. Furthermore, after learning the operation of various social networks, we have recommended them to use three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They used to sell their products, to publicize their company, etc. Finally, to defend our position, we used a report on the use of social media by companies through a comprehensive study.”

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