LANCOR is a corporation, situated in “El Campillo” (Gallarta) which produces and distributes motor elevators. This firm follows a new management system “based in people” claimed by Koldo Saratxaga, who set up NER (new relation style) group. During our visit we found interesting the following aspects:

  • All employees have access to the company’s information, shown in a notice board, which is refreshed weekly and monthly. There we could read information about profits, loss, deadlines…
  •  The difference of salary between the different positions is lower, compared to other companies, to be concise (1/4).
  • Every morning they have a meeting where they discuss the points of the day.
  • They make a minute which shows different discrepancies.
  • The employees are polyvalent and they manage to develop different activities.
  • The salary for the male and female is equal in the same work position.

It has been a wonderful experience for us since they made us feel comfortable and from the beginning. Everyone is involved in the company management.

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