Rajoy ends his last term with more than 5 million unemployed people and 18 million employed people, still far from the previous levels we had before the crisis, when it exceeded 20 million. They emphasize that 545.000 job positions were created just in the last year and that there are 576.000 less unemployed people, all thanks to the Labour Reform aproved in 2012. But quite a majority thinks the opposite.

“The employment created in the last year has a worse quality as a result of the reform: 67% is temporary and more than half of the employment created in the private sector is located in low-added-activities (agriculture, construction, trade and hotel industry)”, explains Ramón Górriz, secretary of Acción Sindical of CCOO.

“The Labour Reform was used to create temporary employment at the cost of destroying indefinite and full time job positions” said Sara García de las Heras, secretary of Acción Sindical e Igualdad of USO.

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